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Caleta de Fuste - a purpose built resort

Caleta de Fuste, one of the major tourist towns on the island, is made for a relaxing holiday.

A gentle pace of life, a sandy beach and calm seas, Caleta de Fuste appeals to couples and families alike.

Caleta de Fuste lies about 10kms south of the airport and has been built around a large bay which protects the beach from the sea making for very safe bathing. If you have never tried water sports, Caleta is the place to dip your toe in the water!

The sea laps the golden, gently sloping sandy bay which is shaped like a giant horseshoe.

Caleta de Fuste is a place to relax and enjoy your holiday. The town itself has shops, bars and restaurants to cater for all tastes and pockets. Whether your choice of food be Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Greek, Indian or Portuguese - whether you want a fish or steak restaurant, a tapas bar or just British food - you will find it here

Caleta de Fuste is very much a town for couples and families - less noisy, less bustling and more laid back than its larger, brasher counterpart Corralejo in the north, Caleta is the place to come for a relaxing holiday.

In the evenings, there is a choice of entertainment from live entertainment to quizzes. The town is clean, the locals friendly, there's plenty of quiet, tree lined avenues and not a skyscraper in sight!

There is no old town of Caleta de Fuste because the town was designed as a purpose built tourist resort. There are, however, some old buildings such as the castle remaining in the town.

The beaches of Caleta de Fuste

The beaches of Caleta de Fuste can be divided into four areas - the main beach, the south beach, the harbour and north coast.

Caleta de Fuste's main beach is pale golden sand and Restaurants Caleta de Fustedesigned to gently slope into the sea making for some of the safest bathing in Europe. You can go out some considerable distance and still be in water safe enough to stand up in so it is ideal for children.

Around the main beach of Caleta de Fuste are numerous beach cafes and bars so refreshments are never far away. Walking towards the harbour, an area of the sea has been cordoned off just for water sports.

South of Caleta de Fuste's main beach are a number of little sandy lagoon bays. These small bays are dotted with little stone circles to give privacy and have also been designed with families in mind. These bays stretch all the way to the Atlantico shopping centre on the outskirts of the town.

These bays have been created  by building lagoons using rocks excavated from the foundations of the newly opened Sheraton hotel and then importing sand for the beach. These beaches have now settled in and provide a pleasing and attractive backdrop as well as a handy place for a quick dip and a sunbathe while shopping.

The five star Sheraton hotel is now complete and work is well underway on another quality hotel n this area underlining Caleta de Fuste's commitment to the middle and upper tourism market.

The harbour at Caleta de Fuste

North of the main beach heading towards Caleta de Fuste harbour is the area for water sports - everything from jet ski to wind surfing to scuba diving and all levels of skills are catered for. If you have never tried windsurfing before, there are special taster sessions just for novices. And if you have never been scuba diving before, you can even sign up for lessons in that!

Around the harbour area of Caleta de Fuste you can relax with a drink and watch the boats coming and going or take a boat trip to go swimming with dolphins or go whale watching. A number of boat trips set off from here. There is also a floating oceanarium with a sea lion that puts on a free public performance.

boats at caletaPast the harbour, and the coastline changes again - rugged rocky bays where the waves crash in. This area is popular with fishermen angling for tuna which quite often appears on the menus of local restaurants the same evening!

Around this area is an attractive sea front promenade which stretches all the way to Nuevo Horizonte

Entertainment in Caleta de Fuste

There's a variety of night life  in the evenings in Caleta de Fuste. Many bars lay on entertainment -  everything from live acts to karaoke, quizzes and bingo.

You are welcome to use any of the hotels or large time share complexes which often have cabaret acts on and a varied entertainment programme at Bars Caleta de Fustenormal drinks prices. The Barcelo hotel, for example, has some very high quality acts (expect to pay a little more at the bar though) while the Caleta Gardens and Broncemar Beach offers variety and the Costa Caleta Hotel has some good acts on. Legends bar features Kenny Dene (of  “Groovy Kind of Love” fame with Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders) most nights. The various shopping centres in the town have their own identity.

Castillo Centre has acts most nights – the stage is in the open air and surrounded by bars – while the Happy Centre goes for louder, more raucous music … mostly karaoke although The Bailey features live acts. 

 Late late bars can be found in the Castillo Centre and Molly Malone’s at the Montecastillo centre up Chipmunk Mountain. But there are still plenty of quiet cafes and bars where you can relax in the warm evening and just watch the world go by … and none of our properties are disturbed by late music!

Market Day in Caleta de Fuste

Market day in Caleta de Fuste is Saturday and the market runs along Caleta de Fuste high street. Many African goods are on sale along with clothing and dress jewellery items. The market is open in the mornings only.

Dining out in Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste is blessed with a large choice of restaurants so whatever your taste in food, you are bound to find something. It also has one of four top restaurants on the island honoured as being among the best in Spain. For more basic meals, our guests have left their own suggestions for recommended bars and restaurants - feel free to add yours.

The chipmunks of Caleta de Fuste

Around the rocky area of Caleta de Fuste are scores of wild chipmunks which live on the rocks. They are so tame, they will literally feed from your hand! So don't forget to take some pistachio nuts  -their favourite! Don't bother shelling them - they like doing that themselves. And take some bread for the birds to they get jealous of all the attention the chipmunks get ...


Caleta de Fuste as a holiday base

Caleta de Fuste is an ideal base for exploring the island especially if you hire a car although an excellent bus service runs north and south. Buses are punctual, clean and air conditioned and all meet at a central bus station in Puerto del Rosario so even if you have to change buses, it is not a problem.

You can reach the wild sand dunes of Corralejo in the north, visit the Isle of Lobos - a national park where no one is allowed to live - or hop on a ferry and spend a day in Lanzarote

To the south of the island lie miles and miles of beautiful golden sandy beaches and lagoons. But
hiring a car is recommended even if only for a few days to reach those deserted bays and explore the timeless volcanic interior.

caletaOn the opposite side of the island you will find deserted coves, little fishing villages, cliff top walks where the Atlantic crashes wildly in below you ... and even the ship wreck of a giant ocean going liner. Roads are mostly straight and deserted - except the twisty mountain road to the old capital of Betancuria where the views are spectacular - and you will be hard pushed to find a traffic jam.

Around Caleta de Fuste

caleta harbour
There are plenty of mini golf courses around Caleta de Fuste not to mention an 18 hole Championship golf course, camel rides, tennis, cycle and quad bike hire, a modern ten pin bowling complex and multi-screen cinema as well as the usual amusement arcades.

Caleta de Fuste has also expanded inland up Chipmunk Mountain - not so much a mountain but a hill - so if you fancy sampling some of the nightlife but don't fancy the walk, then try to book an apartment nearer the town centre although half way up there is the Montecastillo Centre which boasts a number of bars and restaurants and where you can also find entertainment.

Or you can pamper yourself with a visit to the thalasotherapy centre where you will find a jacuzzi and six marine pools, bubble beds, Turkish baths and a sauna.

The Atlantico Centre at Caleta de Fuste

Just outside Caleta de Fuste at the golf course roundabout lies the Atlantico Centre. This is an undercover shopping centre with boutiques, restaurants, bars and a large supermarket where it is recommended you stock up on your shopping because there is more variety and it is cheaper than the mini markets in Caleta de Fuste town.

atlantico centre caletaHere also you will find a modern ten pin bowling alley, multi-screen cinema. a large amusement arcade and all set in very attractive gardens around a lake.

Around here also you will find McDonalds and Burger King and the last major five star hotel development in Caleta de Fuste.

A free bus service runs here from Caleta de Fuste town (you can catch it outside any Elba hotel) although it does take a rather long route - a good way to explore the area for nothing though! It will take you to Nuevo Horizonte and around the golf course. However there are taxis outside the Atlantico Centre which will take you back to Caleta de Fuste with your shopping for a couple of Euros.

The mini train service in Caleta de Fuste

This is a useful way to get from Caleta de Fuste up Chipmunk Mountain to the Montecastillo Centre. Itcaleta mini train leaves from the port and costs one Euro.

Taxis in Caleta de Fuste

Taxis are cheap in Caleta de Fuste. The main rank is in the car park opposite Tony Roma's ribs restaurant. To and from the Atlanico Centre or up Chipmunk Mountain will cost a couple of Euros while to Nuevo Horizonte or Costa Antigua will set you back three Euros.

There used to be 15 taxis operating in Caleta de Fuste and while this was adequate most days, on "changover" days when demand for taxis to go to the airport is at its peak, there were often not enough to go around. However, six more taxi licences have been granted and these cabs are starting to appear.

In Caleta de Fuste, it is not possible to pre-book taxis. Instead you phone 928163004. On most days they will be there within a few minutes - on busy changeover days it is still unusual to wait more than 20 minutes.

Public transport in Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste is well served by public transport. The air conditioned buses are cheap and punctual. Buses stop on the main road running outside Costa Caleta - they do not come into the town itself.

The journey into the capital Puerto del Rosario takes little over 15 minutes on the number 3 bus. From here, other buses connect and run all over the island.

In addition, there is a free bus service which runs from Caleta de Fuste, Nuevo Horizonte - also known as Costa Antigua - and the golf course to the Atlantico shopping centre. This blue and green bus with pictures of golfers on the outside stops outside any Elba hotel.


Caleta de Fuste by any other name

Caleta de Fuste gets its name from "Caleta" (cove) and Fuste (a type of boat) but over the yeas has become known as other names just to confuse tourists! So if you hear it being called Caleta de Fuste, Caleta, El Castillo (because of the 17th century fortification) and most recently Costa Caleta.- be aware it is the same place!

The development of Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste has grown rapidly in recent years. A second golf course is underway adjacent to the existing 18 hole championship golf course. The Sheraton Hotel is now open as is the Costa Caleta hotel and a further quality hotel is being built next to The Sheraton.

Residential development has expanded up Chipmunk Mountain.

However, building has not been haphazard. High rise buildings are still not allowed and the development of Caleta de Fuste has been handled in such a way as to allow couples and families to enjoy a relaxing holiday in a safe and friendly environment.



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