Your Guide to Building a Successful PBN in 2017

While people are still arguing about the effectiveness of personal blog networks (PBNs), professional SEOs are using this technique to gain popularity and rank higher in Google and other search engines. This tactic is useful both from ROI and ROT perspectives, and it’s a great long-term solution that you should use for bigger projects.

Main Reasons to Try PBN sites

  • It’s quicker than creating credibility manually.
    Finding good websites or another blog you could cooperate with or posting links on forums could really take you forever. It’s long, but it also doesn’t give you an instant result. You actually can’t even depend on that result, due to advanced spam protection on some sites. If you have your own PBN site, you are in charge.
  • It allows you to spread your links like crazy.
    While getting your target audience all over the internet is hard, it is also slow. If you have a number of websites, this process will be much faster and more efficient.
  • You will fully control your link building.
    Even though you really have to apply yourself with PBNs, you get full control over those websites. You can easily remove links if you get banned on Google or other search engines.

Negative Sides of Using PBN

  • It could cost you a lot.
    If you decide to use an auction and get an older domain, which is a great technique many people use, it could cost you a good amount. Getting a good hosting for PBN can also be expensive. One website (and you will need at least 4 or 5 to create a reliable PBN) could cost you about $120-$150, which is a price many people are not willing to pay.
  • Finding a good PBN creation service will take time.
    It might be really hard to do everything yourself , especially considering that establishing a reliable and effective PBN requires considerable knowledge of SEO practices and website creation. This is why for many people hiring a freelance professional or a company that works with PBNs would be a better option.
  • You have to look for a high DA PBN domain.
    Finding a good domain name can really boost up your efforts. But that’s a tricky task, especially if you’re inexperienced in this sphere. You have to remember to check ratings on your potential domains.

Advice on Choosing Great PBN Hosting

Hosting is the next big step after a domain name, so you have to concentrate here. It’s easy to mess something up and cause your whole PBN to fall apart. When you’re buying a hosting service, you have to remember some crucial things.

  • Be careful with pricing.
    Your first purchase could be a big success for you. It will be cheap, super affordable and offer many things. But the next renewal could turn out quite pricey. This is why you have to make sure you read the details of their pricing system.
  • Be careful with the number of domains.
    This is especially true for PBNs, as if you get hosting provider with unlimited domains, you will save some money. Some offers give you only one domain, so you have to be careful to ensure that you get your money’s worth.
  • Get a cPanel or other WordPress installer.
    If you are inexperienced with WordPress, it’s likely you will need technical support. This support can help you with other aspects of website management, as well.

How to Setup a PBN

  • Find a domain name.
    You might create your own and start developing a brand new website, or you might actually think about buying expiring domain with some stats and ranks that already exist.
  • Decide on hosting.
    This shouldn’t be an issue if you keep in mind the pieces of advice you read. Try to find what’s best for you money-wise and terms-wise.
  • Start adding content with links to your main website.
    This shouldn’t be tricky, but remember that your content has to be good and valuable for your audience. Remember that not all of your posts have to contain links, as that could look bad for Google. If you want this link building strategy to work well and for a long time, try to stick to the 10/90 rule, where 10% of your links are coming from PBNs while 90% are coming from different sources. That is a golden rule for PBN development.
  • Keep in mind your anchor.
    Remember that if you’re in charge of your PBN, you can play with the context and embed your links with great anchors.

Remember that PBNs really take some time and can be especially hard to maintain. You might want to hire someone to help you manage your network. Creating and building networks is also a tough task for a beginner, so you might try to find an existing private blog network for sale or work out pricing with a company specializing in developing PBNs.

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