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Spotlight On The Master Bedroom

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7 Most Asked Questions About Digital Marketing


A modern business can’t survive without a reliable digital strategy. This is true for big cities like (NY, London) just as much as it’s true for places like Cardiff. Strategies of most SEO experts in Cardiff might seem a little bit confusing for a business owner, so here are 7 most asked questions finally answered.

Question #1

What are the differences between a digital strategy and a marketing campaign?

Those are two frequently confused terms, but there are obvious differences between them. A strategy is a plan of actions you will take to improve your site’s ranks, your business’ social media coverage, or whatever else your major goal is. Your marketing campaign is “the next step”, so to speak. It’s always a part of your bigger strategy. It’s your tactics.

Question #2

What types of strategies for digital marketing are there?

Digital marketing is just a big name, marketing agencies Cardiff and other places use. But what does it mean? There are many strategies digital marketing involves, like SEO, PPC, content and social media marketing, email marketing and different forms of advertising. It’s important to remember that not all of those strategies have to be used simultaneously, and there are Cardiff SEO companies that specialize in SEO only.

Question #3

How long will it take till I see results of my marketing strategy?

It’s quite a peculiar question. Generally speaking, the majority of marketing companies guarantee that in 2 months (60 days) a client will see some improvement. Of course, each business, as well as each strategy, is different, so it’s rather hard to promise anything.

Question #4

Is digital marketing useful for the B2B format?

It doesn’t matter if you work with B2B or B2C format, digital marketing could be useful for every project. Of course, a B2C project will have a different strategy. Overall, they are more content-oriented and rely harder on the social media in their campaigns. Indeed, the communication with clients is really important. It’s different with B2B projects, which targets other businesses in the industry. However, both types of projects depend on social media.

Question #5

What is local SEO and how could it help my business?

Local SEO works with “local” keywords (e.g. best SEO agency in Cardiff) that target specific geographical areas. It indeed improves performance in local search results and can be of use for many business owners. For example, if you have a grocery store in Newport, you want that fact to be a big part of your SEO. Newport grocery (or anything else similar) is the keyword you want to tackle and a company will base your strategy on that.

Question #6

Why does my business need a marketing company?

It is really hard to conquer digital marketing on your own, especially when you know too little about it. A company will grant you a helpful team of specialists, guaranteed results and their knowledge about different practices and tools.

Question #7

Should I do outreach?

It doesn’t matter what exactly you do, guest blogging or social media outreach, it’s crucial. When you have a nice strong network, you contact other specialists in your sphere or other spheres, your audience trusts you more. That also brings you many interesting connections you could use later on and will diversify or even improve your business.